Join the CDFI Coalition

Photo from the 2018 CDFI Coalition Institute in Washington, D.C.

Nationwide, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) serve economically distressed communities by providing credit, capital and financial services to low and moderate income people and neighborhoods.  Formed in 1992 as an ad-hoc policy development and advocacy initiative, the Coalition of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI Coalition) is the unified national voice for the CDFI industry advocating for resources for  CDFIs and to promote their role as a vital and necessary provider of financial products and services in our nation’s financial services delivery system.

As a member of the CDFI Coalition you will be a partner in expanding the reach of CDFIs into more communities with responsible and accessible financial services and products.  You will help support our advocacy and leadership on legislative and policy matters at the federal level, particularly at the CDFI Fund in the Department of the Treasury. Membership in the CDFI Coalition is open to all who desire to support these efforts.   Please join the CDFI Coalition if you:

  • Are a CDFI that wants to be actively involved in policy and advocacy to increase resources for and advance the role of  CDFIs as a vital and necessary component of  our nation’s financial services framework.
  • Are an organization that works in related fields that support the work of CDFIs.
  • Are an individual not affiliated with an organization working with or supportive of the mission of CDFIs.

The CDFI Coalition membership application, membership benefits and dues structure can downloaded below. Join today!