2015 Institute Presentation Materials

The New Congress, the Federal Budget & Tax Reform

Experts will discuss the new Congress and its expected views on the federal budget, appropriations for community development programs, including the CDFI Fund, and tax provisions that support community development.

David Reich PowerPoint

Alison Feighan PowerPoint

CDFI Program Impact Evaluation

We are pleased to announce that the CDFI Fund will be giving its first public presentation on the CDFI Program Impact Evaluation which will be released at the Institute. This evaluation, conducted by Michael Swack of the Carsey School at the University of New Hampshire and  Greg Fairchild of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia,  analyzed the financial and social performance of Financial Assistance awards and awardees; and analyzed regulated CDFIs to assess their systemic risk of institutional failure and their operational efficiency relative to mainstream financial institutions.

Greg Bischack PowerPoint

Greg Fairchild PowerPoint 

CDFIs Stepping into the Breach: An Impact Evaluation—Summary Report

Risk and Efficiency among CDFIs: A Statistical Evaluation using Multiple Methods

Luncheon Keynote

Annie Donovan Keynote Speech

Other Federal Resources for CDFIs

The panel will focus on federal agencies, other than the CDFI Fund, that offer resources for CDFIs,  including the Federal Housing Finance Agency,  the Federal Home Loan Bank system,  the SBA through its Community Advantage Guarantee Program, and the USDA through its Business & Industry Guarantee Program.

Grady Hedgespeth PowerPoint

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Trends in Capitalization for CDFIs

CDFIs are finding new and different ways to access capital. This session will focus on several of them, including Impact Investing, on-line platforms and using new funding structures, such as  REITs.

Lisa Woll CDFI Institute Presentation

The Capital Magnet Fund 

Panelists will provide an overview of the Capital Magnet Fund (CMF)—its background, purpose and current status—and past CMF awardees will discuss how they used program funds to finance affordable housing.

Lee Beaulac Materials

CDFI Fund Releases Public Data on Capital Magnet Fund Investments

Expanding the Reach of CDFIs

CDFIs were created to reach and serve low and moderate income communities and populations lacking access to capital. Panelists will discuss their individual and collective efforts to expand the reach of CDFIs.

Charlie Hammerman Materials