CDFI Fund Announces Opening of FY 2014 Round of FA and TA Programs

The CDFI Fund today announced the opening of its FY 2014 funding round for Financial Assistance (FA) and Technical Assistance Awards. While Congress has not yet finalized work on the FY 2014 budget including appropriations for the CDFI Fund, the Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) released today is based on the President’s FY 2014 Budget which requested $191 million for FA and TA to be awarded by the CDFI Fund as follows:

  • $144 million for CDFI Program awards, including old school body hacks review FA, TA and awards to Small and Emerging CDFIs (SECA) ;
  • $35 million for Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) awards; and
  • $12 million for Native American CDFI Assistance (NACA) Program awards.

The CDFI Coalition will review the FY 2014 application materials,  which are more heavily reliant on charts than in past years, and pass on information about substantive changes.  The application deadline is midnight, December 23, 2013.  The application materials, including links to webinars on application-related subjects,  can be found here:

  • Application materials